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Short story of Invictus Tattoo & Piercing Budapest

Invictus Tattoo & Piercing was founded in 2008 by tattoo artist Gyula Szilvasi, with a decade of experience in tattooing. Our parlor just kept growing year by year, thanks to our faith in Quality and Art. In 2013 we opened a new Tattoo Studio in Berlin, Germany too, so the hungarian Invictus has gone international. We always participate at the biggest conventions all around Europe, enhancing the reputation of hungarian tattoo art.

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Everything You Need

Currently we have 12 Tattoo Artists waiting for you! Other Services: Piercer, Permanent Make up, Laser Tattoo Removal

If you have something uniqe in your mind, just let us know, our artist are painters, graphic designers also!

WALK-IN Tattoo

Why would you wait for a great Ink? Just come by and sit in the chair – simple at that..!
Our shop provides instant tattooing also, here you can find all the SOS Tattoo details 

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If you haven’t decided yet, if you’re not sure about the design, or if you have anything to ask, just drop by, email to us, or give us a call! Invictus Tattoo is the place where you’ll always get a proper answer about Tattoo&Piercing..

Tatttoing and Trust are walking hand in hand, so satisfied customers are our first priority ..

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Just Bring Your Skin And Let We Do The Rest! 

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